OEM MFG LIMITED523597About UsBuilding C No. 41 Guangming South Road Wu xing Xia du New Village Xiegang Town, Dongguan City China 523597OEM MFG was established in 2008 Shenzhen city as a professional sheet metal & Plastic custom manufacturer. Expand production scale, the factory moved to Xiegang Town, Dongguan in June 2018. Now we have over 2,000 square foot facility. We have two branch factories dedicated to sheet metal, Plastic Manufacturing services, Assembly Manufacturing services. As these, we can solemnly assure you, on-time delivery, especially the Quick Turn CNC milling & turning Prototypes 100% on-time delivery. We got UL and ISO9001 certification, to ensure that we produce high-quality sheet metal & Plastic and meet Ro

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  • 2009

Two factories with the most advanced equipment were established. For the sake of expanding and developing, we brought in lots of talents and let them take related training courses. Provided with scientific management and foreign trade skills we made our first big steps in exporting business. Through the cooperation with lots of reliable manufacturers we have gradually enriched our product line.

  • 2011

Our customer base was gradually expanded through all over the world Our main cooperation brands: FUSSIE CAT, SEESAND, KOOR,CATTOP. In order to make a new step in company developing and provide our employees comfortable and modern working environment, Grace Pet moved to Dalian BEST City. With the aim to deeper penetrate into international market and let the customers from all over the world to know us, we participated in CIPS EXPO 2013 in Guangzhou. Next, we have attended more exhibitions: May, 2014 – Interzoo Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany October, 2014 - Canton Fair in Guangzhou November, 2014 - CIPS EXPO 2014 in Beijing

  • 2015

We have obtained Supplier Assessment Certificate No. 9707283 T from Bureau Veritas and Alibaba. we also attended the Shanghai CIPS EXPO in November with the aim of expanding our market with new line of products.

  • 2018

Expand production scale, the factory moved to Xiegang Town, Dongguan in June 2018. Now we have over 2,000 square foot facility. 


  • 2019

The export amount of OEM rose from 3 million to 13 million. OEM is fully equipped with over 22 sets most advanced high-speed NC machines from Japan and Taiwan. Gathers lots of talents and international standard Management talents.



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